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Laser protective glass

Laser Debris Shields (Laser cover slides, protective windows, schutzglass, 1 micron optics for high power fiber lasers)


Protect your laser optics against dust and debris during laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling. Protective windows is placed in front of the focusing lens and making barrier between focusing lens and the metal sheet.



High transmission, low absorption, AR coatings, several diameters and thicknesses



Fused Silica, Fused Quartz, Borofloat®, BK7



134×3 mm mostly used for Trumpf welding PFO3D Trumpf T1064 VIS Q
55×1,5 mm ALO3 Scansonic, Trumpf, 632713–117 759720, 1584792
50×2 mm welding High Yag, Precitec  P0251–1419–00001, P0251–1070–00001, P0251–040–00001 P0795–1201–00 OG Y D50 d2 1064, 10–02–01–5511, 10–02–01–05 RLSK scanning head ARQ 1064.50.36,
34× 5 mm Trumpf cutting, Trudisk cutting 1614767, 632251–117, 1514767
22,35×4 mm Precitec cutting P0589–360–00002, P0589–360–00001, Adige tube P058936000001, lasermech PLLCG0034 , 632252–117, PT317–9360, 970397, PT317–0589
NAR55S64: size: 55×1,5 mm, material UV Grade Fused Silica, Surface quality 40/20  and better, alternative code (759720  /1584792, HG17.515)
NAR1343 GFS: size: 134×3 mm,  Surface quality 20/15 and better, material: Quarzglasplatte, or Suprasil 313 , alternative code 1254813, ARQ1064.30.134

P45–009483   P45–007534  P45–007535

FLW-D50: P45–009286  FLW-D50: P45–004536 FLW-D50: P45–007537

130202302 (64.0909) Protection glass D=110×2.75 mostly used for LASAG

16600037 Protection glass D=39×2 Laserschutzglas mostly used for ARNOLD RAVENSBURG

120679 CASIX Protection glass mostly used in Scansonic (Blackbird) D=96×3


Other types and types by manufacturer:

21,5×2 mm OG Y D21.5 d2 P0588–1022–00001
37×7 mm P0595–61551
30×1,5 mm OG Y D30 d1,5 P0253–1034–00001
25×4  mm IPG 500 W, FIBER




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